Wyvern broker

Flyers Unite, LLC and JetAway Charters, LLC

Boca Raton, FL, US
Status verification date: 24-Oct-2018

Flyers Unite LLC is the private aviation club from JetAway Charters, LLC. Flyers Unite will only book flights for its members through JetAway. JetAway Charters, LLC is a Wyvern Broker and has access to the information required to book you on a flight that meets the trip requirements established by Wyvern in The Wingman Standard. This industry-leading safety standard far exceeds the minimum regulatory requirements for air charter and was developed by Wyvern in cooperation with the industry’s largest flight departments and charter buyers.

JetAway Charters, LLC can provide you with a PASS report which will verify that the operator, aircraft and crew chosen for your trip meet the rigorous safety requirements of The Wingman Standard.

Make sure you request a PASS report each time you book a charter flight.