Frequently asked questions


FLYERS UNITE is the private aviation club where members get together to find a better and more convenient way of flying. We bring the affordability of flight-sharing to the benefits and the luxury of flying privately. You can decide how you want to fly: private or semi-private with an unprecedented level of customization, such as choosing how many seats you want to fill. In FLYERS UNITE luxury meets affordability. REVOLUTIONIZE THE WAY YOU FLY.
What are my choices with FLYERS UNITE?
1) Types of flights: FLIGHTS TO JOIN: members join already existing flights, which can be flights that were previously created and shared by other members, or empty legs, which can also be posted for sharing. NEW FLIGHTS: members create a flight with their parameters and can decide to take it privately or put it up for sharing, which then becomes a “flight to join” for other members. 2) Types of aircrafts: Flyers can choose between a wide array of aircrafts divided into 3 categories: light, midsize and heavy aircrafts. 3) Customization: Flyers can choose preferences for their group and the sharing party if applicable, such as wi-fi, traveling with children or pets and other options.
Where can FLYERS UNITE take you?
We have global reach to get you everywhere you want to go.
What are FLYERS UNITE’s safety and security procedures?
We only partner with operators that carry a Wyvern, ARG/US, or IS-BAO safety rating, and all our flights have 2 pilots.
Can I set my own departure date and time?
Yes, you can for NEW FLIGHTS. Just pick the date and time you want to take off. FLIGHTS TO JOIN have pre-set itineraries.


How do I become a member?
You can become a member immediately upon downloading our app, or at any later point through the option in the app’s menu. You may also reach our team here: or at +61 (0) 3 8376 6284
When does my membership start? How long is it valid for.
Membership is activated immediately upon receipt of payment. It is valid for one year from the activation date.
Who can use my membership?
Memberships are personal and non-transferable, but guests are always welcome to join you.
Can members bring non-member travel companions on flights?
Absolutely yes. You can bring as many companions as the corresponding number of seats for your flight purchase.
Can non-members use the FLYERS UNITE app?
Non-members can download our app, browse flights and view all the information before enrolling for membership. To create or book a flight you must be a member.


What is a NEW FLIGHT?
A NEW FLIGHT gives you the ultimate flexibility to fly how, where, and when you want with whomever you want. Fly solo, or bring along your friends. It’s completely your call. You’re creating the flight with a custom itinerary – much like a traditional charter.
What is the difference between FLYERS UNITE and any other charter company?
The difference in FLYERS UNITE is that you can also decide to share this flight with another group of passengers. You just turn the feature on and it will post it on the app for other members to join and share the flight and therefore the cost.
So if I want to share my flight, will it become too crowded?
Only one other group of passengers can join your flight. You decide the maximum number of people you allow in that other group.
What other customization options do I have when I share the flight?
You can choose your preferences and the ones for the sharing group. You can also decide to book the flight even if no other party joins, or wait till the sharing is confirmed. You can put in date flexibility and other details. Sharing with this level of simplicity and customization is what makes FLYERS UNITE truly unique.


Flights to join have a set itinerary for destination and departure date and time, as well as pre-set preferences (on Shared Flights), and are available for members to join. They can be either Shared Flights or Empty Legs.
What are Shared Flights?
Shared Flights are flights previously created by other members that have been posted for sharing in the App, and that are waiting for a second group to join in. Once a second group joins, they will no longer be available in the Flights to Join section. Flights are limited to 2 groups.
What are Empty Legs? And how are they different in FLYERS UNITE?
Empty Legs are flights that have a set itinerary typically at a lower price than what this itinerary would cost regularly. In order to confirm an empty leg, FLYERS UNITE members must book this flight. The difference is that after booking, members can decide whether to offer to share it with another group. If a second group joins, then the member who originally booked the empty leg will receive the refunded amount in the same manner in which it was paid.


When I create a flight, what happens with the flight availability and the price?
Whenever you place a reservation, we will contact you shortly to go over the details and get all the information we need to proceed with the booking. FLYERS UNITE must receive the payment in order to lock-in the price on the app.
What if I want help from a live person?
No problem. Immediately after downloading our app, you will be able to communicate with our Membership Specialists available 24/7 for whatever you need. You can reach them directly through the app’s Message Center or by phone at +1 XXXX.